We have been working together with our Agents
for over twenty years handling their Import Consolidations.

Under one roof, together with our sister Company I.C.C.B. Inc., we offer you the most cost effective rates while always providing you with expedient clearances and the personalized services you require for your standard and time sensitive shipments. Our import operation is fully automated, including all the important hookups to U.S. Customs throughout the Automated Commercial System (ACS) which includes the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) and Automated Manifest System (AMS). This provides us with administrative information from U.S.Customs, such as quota updates and even paperless releases.

Since the papers arrive with the freight, our import specialists can process the documentation immediately. Customs allows us to arrange Pre-Clearance of your goods (Wheels-up system). These combined services will offer you tremendous timesaving and, therefore, increase delivery performances.

Arrangements will be made with each of our agents where your suppliers are located to send I.C.C.B. Inc. full set of documents by fax i.e. :

  • Commercial Invoices
  • Air Waybill or Ocean Bill of Lading

This will permit a Pre-clearance of each shipment and organize delivery to your location.

If you require so, I.C.C.B. Inc. will be glad to forward copies of all documents to you.

The staffs of INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION CUSTOM BROKER Inc. are customer service oriented in order to provide the Importer with a most efficient and courteous service.

To Contact Us:
Phone: 718-656-4860
Fax: 718-656-5657