In case of loss or damage, the following actions must be taken to protect your claim.

File a claim in writing with the carrier, port authority or other responsible party (ies) immediately. In case of damage or loss on air shipments, written notice must be filed within SEVEN (7) DAYS.

Take proper exceptions on the delivery receipt when loss or damage is apparent at time of delivery.

In case of containerized shipments, examine the container at time of delivery. If the container appears to be damaged or has holes, broken seals, with different identification numbers from those, which appears on the shipping documents, note the carrier's shipping documents accordingly. In all circumstances, the number of the container seal should be noted on the carrier's delivery receipt.

Complete documentation must be gathered and submitted at the time the claim is to be considered. Required documents include but are not limited to the following:

  • A copy of the ocean bill of lading or air way bill(HAWB & MAWB) covering the total shipment insured, as well as any applicable inland waybill or freight bill.
  • A copy of the commercial invoice(s) covering the entire shipment.
  • A copy of the packing list.
  • A copy of the duty consumption entry if duty is insured. A refund of duty form 5931 may be required for losses involving non-delivery.
  • Copies of written claims against all carriers, with responses available.
  • Copies of written exceptions taken at time of delivery of the insured goods. Exceptions might consist of delivery receipts, customs examinations or other governmental documents.
  • Written statement of claim.
  • Bills for repair costs, reconditioning charges or other charges to be considered as part of the claim.
  • On household goods and personal effects claims, a valued inventory is required to establish the dollar value of items shipped.
  • The ORIGINAL and DUPLICATE of the Insurance Certificate.

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